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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lazy summer days...

It's been a really intense spring for me at work and through my volunteer commitments. Besides knitting my ribbon shell (which is almost done except for frogging back the front to accommodate my bosom)my next favorite thing to relax and unwind is plant.

Every year, D & I make a major investment in plants and energy planting both the front yard and back deck of the house and usually get a small but plentiful herb and vegetable garden in, which gives me something to do and allows me to feel connected to the earth is some kind of meaningful way.

This was how I spent my day today...
This is a little sitting area right outside of our kitchen deck.
One of the herb garden's.

With a few hours of hard work, we were able to transform our back deck into a mini-oasis in the city. Small reasons to smile.

Here's some pics from arrangements from the front yard:

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Sandra Singh said...

Your gardens are just beautiful! All of your hard work is worth it.