Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. ~ The Dalai Lama

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The holiday season

OK so this picture is of Olyvia and I out shopping just before Christmas at the mall. We both look tired and a little cranky...mostly me - cause I was definitely cranky. Why is it that the holidays always make me feel a little down? Probably reminiscing to horrible memories from years ago....baggage - ick!

Thank goodness for new years which seems to be less than a week away - YIPPEE!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sheer Frustration....

So I have spent the better part of last evening and this morning trying to track down code to add a calendar on the right side of my blog. Not such an easy task I have found. If anyone has a simple boxed in calendar with some navigation, please leave me a comment with a link to the code.
I think I have determined that I will need to spend some time learning either basic html coding or CSS....otherwise this might drive me crazy.

My first techie accomplishment

OK so I can officially can myself a techie geek...Ok well maybe not - but certainly an over achieving individual with way too much time on her hands. :)
After spending too much time this morning chatting with our internal IT consultant Ken, it seems I have a lot to learn about html code and CSS if I want to have fun with blogging. Well if nothing else I can pat myself on the back and go way to go girl!!! - I have officially added a link to my blog - Sandy's Knitting - which is a way too fabulous site. :)
Hopefully over the holidays I will get into the swing of things and start to have some serious fun sharing ideas and learning more so that I can chat with other fabulous and more experienced bloggers.
If anyone has advice for me on how to learn quickly how to adapt my blog layout - please email or leave a comment below. Thanks :)

Knitting fun... nordic mittens for Taylor

OK - so I think I previously mentioned that I love knitting - Thanks again Meredith. :)
I decided to knit my first pair of mittens about 6 weeks ago - of course picking a great free pattern online from I will take a picture of "mitten one" this weekend to share with those who love to knit, but have to tell you I have found it hard to keep the momentum up as far as my interest in concerned to finish "mitten two".

I am also knitting a holiday gift for good friend Meredith who is my knitting goddess/guru which I will share post holiday gift giving - as I wouldn't want her to get wind of it. I forgot my original reason fro blogging was to connect with other knitters - so I will be happy to share my first major knitting and felting project. Hopefully my wonderful knitting sisters & brothers can find it in their heart to be supportive and not laugh. My technique is still pretty new (7+ months), but finishing a project is everything.
Cheers. :)

My family

So here are some new pics of me and my beautiful famille. The first one (on the left) is a recent shot of me doing one of the things I love to do best - KNIT in Las Vegas. David (who asked to remain anonymous on the web) and I went as his 50th Birthday gift. What a city and weekend. It flew by much quicker that I ever anticipated, but was filled with a lot of fun, laughter, gambling, a little adult fun :) and sleep. I had forgotten how much fun it was to be free from all responsibility. LOL!

This beautiful pair of girls are my daughter Olyvia and her best friend Rachel (who is like my other daughter) I can't believe how quickly they are both growing up - it makes me a little sad and scared - its flying by. Tonight ~ Rachael came over to celebrate Chanukah with Olyvia and I and exchange gifts. Have you ever heard the term little white ghetto girl - well that would be Rachel - she loved the Ludacris CD we got her - although after to listening to it for a bit - I have to tell you I never expected her to be listening to such garbage. Definitely not my speed. I think that makes me old. HA HA HA!.

The ones beside the girls are pics of our kids that are still at home. Alex, Taylor and Justin. So as you can see we have our hands full. Most of the time we laugh a lot - occasionally we cry, but mostly we survive like most blended families - by just getting through one day at a time. I often take time to reflect on how much we have all grown together over our last number of years together - its been hard - but worth ever minute of every day.

I do realize as I am almost forgot to add a picture of our most beloved family member - Java. This little toy poodle - brings so much joy and cohesion to our family - even on the most dysfunctional day - she is a very special dog and much loved puppy-loo (as she is affectionately called).

My beautiful daughter - Olyvia