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Thursday, December 21, 2006

My first techie accomplishment

OK so I can officially can myself a techie geek...Ok well maybe not - but certainly an over achieving individual with way too much time on her hands. :)
After spending too much time this morning chatting with our internal IT consultant Ken, it seems I have a lot to learn about html code and CSS if I want to have fun with blogging. Well if nothing else I can pat myself on the back and go way to go girl!!! - I have officially added a link to my blog - Sandy's Knitting - which is a way too fabulous site. :)
Hopefully over the holidays I will get into the swing of things and start to have some serious fun sharing ideas and learning more so that I can chat with other fabulous and more experienced bloggers.
If anyone has advice for me on how to learn quickly how to adapt my blog layout - please email or leave a comment below. Thanks :)

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