Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. ~ The Dalai Lama

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

L'Shana Tova / Happy New Year...

To Jews everywhere....

....and yes, I do have three other blog posts started....just unfinished and yes I am aware thats it been forever since I last posted. I am being a very bad blogger. The good news is that I haven't been such a bad knitter....I will have pics to prove it....although nothing finished. I did however do some excellent yarn purchases while away in Hailburton....more to come soon.

For today and tonight, I am focused on feeding the entire family and the next two days of solemn prayer and celebration. Health and happiness to all.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Personal DNA

This was a very interesting 20 minutes exercise which was a little too bang on for my comfort. How do they do that?

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm way too proper...

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

It seems even though I have a foul mouth which occasionally utters very inappropriate and nasty things - I am only PG in real-life blogland. Miss Manners would be proud and I was dinged for using the word sexy. - lol

I so need to just be 'me' more and call it for how I see it. Who needs decorum and politeness.

I am coming to the realization that as I am aging I am becoming prudish. Pretty funny considering I've been teaching sexual health education for years and counselling women around their reproductive choices. What does this say about me and the changes I am experiencing....perhaps this is the "normal" path for women in their mid 30's...either that or I'm coming to terms with being the mother to an attractive 16 year old daughter who is going to start to engage in all life has to offer sooner rather than later. Thoughts???

Saturday, July 7, 2007

What finger are you?

You Are the Index Finger

You are ambitious, driven, and capable.
You aren't afraid to take responsibility for your actions - or place the blame on whoever deserves it.
You are honest, free thinking, and objective. You see things in your own way - and you aren't afraid to let everyone know about it.

You get along well with: The Thumb

Stay away from: The Ring Finger

I normally wouldn't give Vanity Fair Magazine the time of day....

however, even I was drawn into the Africa July Issue.
I bought the Oprah & Gates Issue after perusing all of the magazine covers trying to find the Maya Angelou one...

I have to admit I have thing for Maya Angelou - her writing, her poetry, how she lives her life - so honestly. She has come from such humble beginnings and has remained such a genuinely human being - with a very gently nature.

Either way I gave in buying what I would normally not consider a particularly intellectual magazine, only to find some excellent stories. I especially liked the interview of Archbishop Desmond Tutu by of all people brad Pitt. Both were thoughtful, honest, and humorous. I also really like the story on Jeffrey Sach's - who seems to be not only incredibly bright, but solution oriented - he reminds me of fellow Canadian and AIDS fighting machine Stephen Lewis - a man with conviction and a dream to change the world for those living with HIV/AIDS.

When reading magazine's like this one, I feel a part of my soul being drawn out - I want so badly to hop on a plane and leave the creature comforts of my life and serve people who so desperately need help. I made a promise to myself that when Olyvia and Taylor have both gotten settled in University to take a sabbatical from wherever I am employed at that time and go to India or Africa and serve some of the women and children living in deplorable conditions. I always come back to the fact that my life is no more valuable that that of any other human on this planet and so when I read these stories, I question the truthfulness of my life. It pushes me to look harder at myself, how and what I spend, how honestly I live and why I am here doing what I am doing.

I wonder how many other people do this type of questioning and how many others feel a genuine sense of guilt for being born here, in this time and place and not in a country where women are treated like posessions to be sold, traded, abused, raped, killed, maimed, starved, abandoned, ignored, like shit. The unequity is astounding and I just want to do my part to contribute to righting the wrongs....however long that takes.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Damn Alpaca! Damn! Damn! Damn!

OK so I was drawn in by its beauty - that damn blush coloured blue sky alpacas alpaca. Not the company or the wools fault really that it just feels like butter in your hands when you knit it or that its sheer beauty draws you in and makes you want to knit non stop, but I have had a series of unfortunate events occur non-stop since I started knitting with her.

If you remember some time ago (back in April at the DKC Knitters Frolic)I bought eight skeins of the most beautiful blush coloured baby alpaca/silk wool and also purchased a lovely ribbon shell pattern. Now I have been quite excited that a) I would be knitting my very first article of body clothing (not including hats, scarves, socks and the such)and b) that I would be knitting with such a beautiful luxury fibre - how was I to know what I was getting myself into.

I have been happily knitting, albeit slowly, but knitting away this beautiful shell, and even after a small miscount with the front not quite being ample enough to fit my bosom and frogging it back and refinishing it again, I finally finished both back and front and got to start the exciting process of finishing the construction. I really do mean exciting as for me I knew that another few hours meant I would be ready to block, dry and then actually wear something I knit. How wrong I was....

The knitting G-dess seeing me in a state of sheer and utter joy at the thought of finishing an actual garment, decided that now was a good time to smite me (for a knitting lesson). I have finished the border on the collar and then started to work on the border on the cap part of the shoulders. Once I had finished one side I couldn't resist. I had to try it on at least over my head just to see how my beautiful shell was going to look....and then I realized that there was a problem....a big problem....

I am a curvy lady - always have been and anticipate that I always will be. For once I had given enough room for my bosom, however what I noticed was that the beautiful border I just completed on shoulder one - did not allow enough space for my arm to fit and also allow me space to close the side seam. This was something I did not arm was to .....dare I say too big... for my shell. I tried and tried to figure it out and then could only assume that I'd cast off much too tightly and that if I re-cast off the end of my border then all would be good. rather than focus on that negativity I started to knit shoulder two's border thinking I would test my theory rather than manage all that frogging negativity only to find that even with a generous (loose) cast off - it still didn't fit. I am just gobsmacked!!! I've had to set the shell aside again until next Monday's Stitch n' Bitch (where I can seek help from other knitterly guru type folks) as otherwise I am unsure I could trust myself not to turn in a moderately angry and bitter knitter - and really who wants to deal with that. **SIGH**

On a slightly happier note, I am back knitting one of my TTC Knit-a-Long purchases - a shell in Rowan damask in Zircone. I have been trying to knit this since the Knit-A-Long, but have had to frog it a few times. Maybe this fresh new start a couple of weeks later and some perspective will help.

Also super excited that Dishrag tag is starting to pick up steam. Fabulous Dorothy -has just started a team blog . I anticipate good things will come of this. Hope everyone has been enjoying the great weather.

Friday, June 29, 2007


I am a convert.

My daughter Olyvia has been on facebook since forever...or at least the past two years. She has over 2,800 friends (although I can't imagine how) and is definetely an addict.

I've caught whatever she has and frankly I'm a little frightened by how much I am enjoying it. It's only been a week and I have reconnected with people that I never anticipated I would ever be in touch with again. I haven't seen most of these people since high school and really most of them remember me as the girl who got pregnant and I remember most of them as the people I left behind in that other part of my life.

It's been unsettling how many have reconnected in such a lovely way with warmth, and genuine interest. Most of them are married or getting married and some have started their families. Strange to think they are at the beginning of that time in their lives and I am on the other side with two children who are much closer to heading off to college. Either way it has been lovely to catch up and find out where life has taken them and be able to share where life has taken me...

It's also been very interesting to get a view into other people's (my friends, their friends etc...) lives, groups, interests etc... people share a great deal online...either people are really comfortable in their skin or they are naive. I guess I always remember that this online community is just that - online and accessible to the world. I'm not sure I'm that comfortable or willing to be that transparent online (to the entire world). Id rather save that for something a little more blogging - lol.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

34 years ago today....

At 1:35 in the afternoon I arrived on this planet. Happy Birthday to me. :)

It's been a truely lovly day filled with wonderful people, food, gifts, smiles, laughter and memories. Thank you to ~ Olyvia, David, Taylor, Alex, Justin, Zana, Meredith, Kevin, Wen, Sue, Sandy, Deborah, Colin, Mummy, Miriam, Yvonne, Amy, Dan, Janice, Laura, Heather, Janet, Rachael, Carmella, Margalite and Esther Rochel for making the day so special. It is incredible to be surrounded by so many thoughtful and loving people.

Olyvia was the first to wish me happy birthday last night and to give me her gift the new Rhianna CD - which she new I had been seriously Jonesing for. Olyvia - I never could have wished for anything more with you. You are becoming such a beautiful young woman - scaring the hell out of me most days but I love you more than you could ever understand.

My day started with numerous renditions of off-key version of Happy Birthday - thanks: Olyvia, David, Zana, Meredith, Sue, Sandy, and everyone at dinner for singing to me - it warms my all ready mushy heart....and I truly never tire of it. Then there were the e-cards (Thanks Deb), msn messages (Thanks Lauren, Nery and JEM), phenomenal surprise lunch with Sue and Sandy (Thanks for having Indian food for me), David for always remembering to send me flowers (just because I love flowers)

next followed by the giant cookie visit (Thanks Carmella, Margolite and Esther Rochel for remembering)

and the day concluded with an extended family dinner - thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with me - I love all of you.

My family and friends spoiled me a lot this year - in fact to be honest it was a little overwhelming. I felt so incredibly special - and really I just feel so blessed.

This is at Autogrill as everyone was arriving. I think it was possible I was beaming all night.

Thank you Rachael for surprising me and missing some critical exam prep time - as you can tell I loved the flowers - you are always so thoughtful and gracious and we love you like our second you all ready know.

Meredith and Kevin - what can I say except thank you. You are two of my favourite people on the planet. Meredith - your like the sister I always wish I had and I love that I can always say anything to you and snicker with you too.
Kevin - I'm glad were getting to know each other better - now that were over our shy period. You my friend, have excellent yarn taste....and I will have extremely sweet yarny dreams tonight.

I removed Colin's picture - because he really doesn't want his picture all over the internet - but he's a wonderl and very handsome guy. ;)

Colin, thank you firstly for coming to share my birthday with David and I - you have been such a special person in David's life for so many years, and I am grateful that we both have you in our life. Thanks you for the beautiful flower that is 'just me' and for the coffee/tea boost for the next few days. :)

This is David's mummy. She had eye surgery today and is always a trouper. Thank you for coming tonight to celebrate with me and for your incrdibly thoughtful and special gift.

...This is mummy's extremely beautiful gift. Hanne - thank you for embracing me into your incredible family many years ago and treating me like your daughter. I love being part of your clan and look forward to making a plum cake on this dish as you would.

Yvonne, Mummy & Amy. Yvonne, Amy and Jason thank you for the lovely pickle dish and super cute pj's (although David hates pj's ;)) You know I will use them in good health and share the pickle dish with all of you sooner rather than later.

Amy, Wen, Olvyia and Taylor. Amy - thanks for being such a great niece - ha ha ha - yes still weird for me too. Wen, thanks for the beautiful flowers and for coming for dinner with the family - as you know you are always considered a member whether you want to be or not. We love how you take care of us and make our home and family thrive.

I can't believe that I didn't get a picture of you both. Janice and Laura - I so love that I got to see and hug you both today. It's wonderful to have a sister-in-law and niece like you both. I love our Mother/Daughter bonding days (although another one is long overdue) and that you both are such wonderfully articulate and intelligent women. I will use the cookbook in good health and will plan to cook you both a meal once I've tested some of the recipes.

Miriam - firstly the girls look fab. ;) Secondly, thank you for a) bringing mummy (although I know she was exhausted) and for bringing Dan who we haven't seen in some time and who gives great big bear hugs. I also love the plum top - and can't wait to see if it fits.

3 of 5 of David and my beautiful babies. Olyvia, Taylor & Alex. I love them to the end of the universe and back.

And lastly, but absolutely not least is my honey David (who hates his picture on the internet and refuses to let me put even one wonderful shot of us up). Thank you for your sweetness, encouragement, love, support, humor, teasing, laughter, being my best friend, lover, pushing me to reach my potential, and being my enduring soul mate. I am so blessed because of all that you do and are everyday in life.

And as much as you hate to give into my indulgences - thank you for spoiling me rotten today. The flowers, dinner and gifts are just so incredibly generous and I am such an incredibly fortunate woman to have you in my life.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

International Knit in Public Day & my first TTC Knit-A-Long....

Is there really a better way to spend the day than with a group of women who love to knit? Me thinks not....well maybe buying some incredible items for my stash....but other than that - not. :)

I was a proud knitter in the North Team - Go North Team GO!!!!

Our first stop was at PassionKnit

Here's us at PassionKnit - Sorry for the bad picture quality - perhaps may swap with someone who got a better one if they don't mind.

This was us at the Yonge & Lawrence Subway on our way to Knit-o-matic after our first store visit to PassionKnit - Thanks Deborah!!!

Next we went to Knit-o-matic - where the Fabulous Haley, cutie bird P???? (I will find his name out - he was so cute) and other fabulous knitter (Need to find her name out too) hosted us.

I was very fortunate as Haley kept me from a near knitting disaster trying to knit the super cute summer top that Peggy (Team Co-Captain extraordinaire) was wearing and encouraged me to knit a also super cute Dale of Norway design with some very yarnilicious Svale - which you can see below. Thank you Haley - I will be back to get help with crocheting the bottom of said top.

In this picture left to right: A____,(Sorry I know I would have spelled you're name wrong)Cassandra and (Team Co-Captain extraordinaire).

Cassandra was my favourite new meet of the day. I all ready felt quite fortunate that I knew most of my travelling companions, but then there was Cassandra. Quiet at first, once Cassandra opned up a bit you could see her just start to roll with the flow of us knitters, smelling yarn, feeling everything and asking lots of questions. Cassandra is a Western University Master's Journalism student who is writing a weekend article assignement on the TTC Knit-A-long, but she is also a relatively new knitter, who I was praying wasn't freaked out by our zaniness. I was thrilled that she finally found some Hotpink Fleece Artist Curlylocks wool at Knit-o-matic, purchased some beautiful clover needles and then started to knit her first triangle shawl. Wonderful knitter Sue helped (as I would always expect) Cassandra learn how to do an increase stitch and off she went. By the end of the day Cassandra had knit a good 5" of her wrap and I would like to think that she had also made a group of new knitting friends. Anytime your back in Toronto on a Monday, please don't hesitate to drop in to the Monday night Meetup group Yarn-a-holics Anonymous- we'de love to see your finished wrap.

Next we went to Lettuce Knit:

The North team en route.

This is a picture (L to R) of Sarah & Christine knitting on the subway. I took spinning with them both at the Knitter's Frollic back in April.

Fabulous (l to r) Co-Captains Peggy + Lisa and Amazing Heather.

(From l to r) Sue, Sarah and Kim.

As we were walking in Kensington Market we came across this:
I realize that after living in Toronto for over 15 years, that I have a lot of still get to know about my city - like how amazing is this community minded art/environmental project? I think its super cool.

Having never been to Lettuce Knit - I just marveled. Not only do they have a really terrific variety of wooly products, the staff are friendly and the best part is that out on the street in front of the store they had set up a ton of folding chairs for people to sit on. Kensington market seems to be a little bit of hippie mixed with the eclectic. It is a community truly embracing the richness of many cultures in Toronto and there were wonderful clothing shops (although I wasn't willing to look to much as that might jeopardize my yarn budget, great food (We ate at the Big Fat Burrito - super delicious) and just a really unique array of shops that one could easily get lost in if one chose to.

Kim in the sun in front of Lettuce Knit.

After some sun (yes I got a small burn) and food and shopping we headed off to the Naked Sheep where North Team mate Sarah works.

(Lto R) Sue, Heather and Lisa.

Once Sarah arrived she joined Erin (see yarn harlot book launch for a pic)in becoming the hostesses with the mostesses. I had also never been to the Naked Sheep and can only say wow! This store is beautifully merchandised and has a great selection of yarn, patterns, buttons and more. I have to admit after the sun soak at Lettuce knit, my energy was lagging so I only ended up purchasing a Rowan Cotton Tape book. I had no clue (as I am clueless on occasion) that Rowan had decided to discontinue its cotton tape line and now will desperately trying to source enough cotton tape to at least complete two patterns - otherwise the book is useless. {Sigh}

Unfortunately my camera died at this point so I wasn't able to capture some shots at the Naked Sheep. I will say, that it was a lot of fun and that it was great to sit still and knit for a bit.

Once all of the teams had arrived, the team prizes began. And to my surprise I won one - the Most Lascivious. I gather I earned this as while working on starting a pair of socks for Kim I stuffed the needles and yarn in my cleavage for transport safety. Who new this made me lascivious. I actually had to look this word up when I got home - only to find out that it meant I was a little lusty. No big surprise there.

Additions to the stash include:

4 - 50 gram balls of Rowan Damask in Zircone. (PassionKnit)

4 - 25 gram balls of Rowan kidsilk haze in Cream, Grace, Jacob and Pebbles(PassionKnit)

4 - hanks of Louet Kidlin Laceweight in Allspice (Lettuce Knit)

8 - 50 gram balls of Svale in 4427 (Cerise type of colour)(Knit-o-matic)

As well as a Dale of Norway pattern book No. 172, Rowan Cotton Tape Collection pattern book, a long awaited bright green Bag and finally a set of beautiful Brittany needles in 4mm. {Sigh - Absolute Joy}

I believe that many Knitters continued onto the Goof to continue drinking, and of course knit, however given that David had been occupying the attention of the little ones all day, and given that I was exhausted it just seemed right to go home. I really enjoyed my first TTC Knit-a-long and felt I had done justice in supporting International Knit in Public Day.

Overall the day was a riot and it reminded me that Knitters are a lot of fun and great to spend time with. We understand each other's yarn obsession, are not offended when someone askes "Can I feel that" are very helpful and kind and have great humour - especially when in large groups.

Friday, June 8, 2007

My baby all grown up....

This is my baby Olyvia out a couple of days ago at her first prom with her date AB (Date not boyfriend) - or so she says...

Olyvia and friend CC - looking fab.

Olyvia with date/friend AB.

{Sigh} - Time flies and now the scary stuff comes.