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Saturday, July 7, 2007

I normally wouldn't give Vanity Fair Magazine the time of day....

however, even I was drawn into the Africa July Issue.
I bought the Oprah & Gates Issue after perusing all of the magazine covers trying to find the Maya Angelou one...

I have to admit I have thing for Maya Angelou - her writing, her poetry, how she lives her life - so honestly. She has come from such humble beginnings and has remained such a genuinely human being - with a very gently nature.

Either way I gave in buying what I would normally not consider a particularly intellectual magazine, only to find some excellent stories. I especially liked the interview of Archbishop Desmond Tutu by of all people brad Pitt. Both were thoughtful, honest, and humorous. I also really like the story on Jeffrey Sach's - who seems to be not only incredibly bright, but solution oriented - he reminds me of fellow Canadian and AIDS fighting machine Stephen Lewis - a man with conviction and a dream to change the world for those living with HIV/AIDS.

When reading magazine's like this one, I feel a part of my soul being drawn out - I want so badly to hop on a plane and leave the creature comforts of my life and serve people who so desperately need help. I made a promise to myself that when Olyvia and Taylor have both gotten settled in University to take a sabbatical from wherever I am employed at that time and go to India or Africa and serve some of the women and children living in deplorable conditions. I always come back to the fact that my life is no more valuable that that of any other human on this planet and so when I read these stories, I question the truthfulness of my life. It pushes me to look harder at myself, how and what I spend, how honestly I live and why I am here doing what I am doing.

I wonder how many other people do this type of questioning and how many others feel a genuine sense of guilt for being born here, in this time and place and not in a country where women are treated like posessions to be sold, traded, abused, raped, killed, maimed, starved, abandoned, ignored, like shit. The unequity is astounding and I just want to do my part to contribute to righting the wrongs....however long that takes.

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Anonymous said...

There are others. In a lecture last night I learned about high diversity multipliers and you sound like one. These are people who affect change in the world. You are willing to reach out to others who are different than yourself to serve humanity. Here are three equations I learned from Lewis Diuguid of the Kansas City Journal.

Talent x Diversity = Productivity
Talk x Diversity = Social Capital
(Hope/Prayer + Work) x Diversity = Change

One person can make a difference.