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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

34 years ago today....

At 1:35 in the afternoon I arrived on this planet. Happy Birthday to me. :)

It's been a truely lovly day filled with wonderful people, food, gifts, smiles, laughter and memories. Thank you to ~ Olyvia, David, Taylor, Alex, Justin, Zana, Meredith, Kevin, Wen, Sue, Sandy, Deborah, Colin, Mummy, Miriam, Yvonne, Amy, Dan, Janice, Laura, Heather, Janet, Rachael, Carmella, Margalite and Esther Rochel for making the day so special. It is incredible to be surrounded by so many thoughtful and loving people.

Olyvia was the first to wish me happy birthday last night and to give me her gift the new Rhianna CD - which she new I had been seriously Jonesing for. Olyvia - I never could have wished for anything more with you. You are becoming such a beautiful young woman - scaring the hell out of me most days but I love you more than you could ever understand.

My day started with numerous renditions of off-key version of Happy Birthday - thanks: Olyvia, David, Zana, Meredith, Sue, Sandy, and everyone at dinner for singing to me - it warms my all ready mushy heart....and I truly never tire of it. Then there were the e-cards (Thanks Deb), msn messages (Thanks Lauren, Nery and JEM), phenomenal surprise lunch with Sue and Sandy (Thanks for having Indian food for me), David for always remembering to send me flowers (just because I love flowers)

next followed by the giant cookie visit (Thanks Carmella, Margolite and Esther Rochel for remembering)

and the day concluded with an extended family dinner - thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with me - I love all of you.

My family and friends spoiled me a lot this year - in fact to be honest it was a little overwhelming. I felt so incredibly special - and really I just feel so blessed.

This is at Autogrill as everyone was arriving. I think it was possible I was beaming all night.

Thank you Rachael for surprising me and missing some critical exam prep time - as you can tell I loved the flowers - you are always so thoughtful and gracious and we love you like our second you all ready know.

Meredith and Kevin - what can I say except thank you. You are two of my favourite people on the planet. Meredith - your like the sister I always wish I had and I love that I can always say anything to you and snicker with you too.
Kevin - I'm glad were getting to know each other better - now that were over our shy period. You my friend, have excellent yarn taste....and I will have extremely sweet yarny dreams tonight.

I removed Colin's picture - because he really doesn't want his picture all over the internet - but he's a wonderl and very handsome guy. ;)

Colin, thank you firstly for coming to share my birthday with David and I - you have been such a special person in David's life for so many years, and I am grateful that we both have you in our life. Thanks you for the beautiful flower that is 'just me' and for the coffee/tea boost for the next few days. :)

This is David's mummy. She had eye surgery today and is always a trouper. Thank you for coming tonight to celebrate with me and for your incrdibly thoughtful and special gift.

...This is mummy's extremely beautiful gift. Hanne - thank you for embracing me into your incredible family many years ago and treating me like your daughter. I love being part of your clan and look forward to making a plum cake on this dish as you would.

Yvonne, Mummy & Amy. Yvonne, Amy and Jason thank you for the lovely pickle dish and super cute pj's (although David hates pj's ;)) You know I will use them in good health and share the pickle dish with all of you sooner rather than later.

Amy, Wen, Olvyia and Taylor. Amy - thanks for being such a great niece - ha ha ha - yes still weird for me too. Wen, thanks for the beautiful flowers and for coming for dinner with the family - as you know you are always considered a member whether you want to be or not. We love how you take care of us and make our home and family thrive.

I can't believe that I didn't get a picture of you both. Janice and Laura - I so love that I got to see and hug you both today. It's wonderful to have a sister-in-law and niece like you both. I love our Mother/Daughter bonding days (although another one is long overdue) and that you both are such wonderfully articulate and intelligent women. I will use the cookbook in good health and will plan to cook you both a meal once I've tested some of the recipes.

Miriam - firstly the girls look fab. ;) Secondly, thank you for a) bringing mummy (although I know she was exhausted) and for bringing Dan who we haven't seen in some time and who gives great big bear hugs. I also love the plum top - and can't wait to see if it fits.

3 of 5 of David and my beautiful babies. Olyvia, Taylor & Alex. I love them to the end of the universe and back.

And lastly, but absolutely not least is my honey David (who hates his picture on the internet and refuses to let me put even one wonderful shot of us up). Thank you for your sweetness, encouragement, love, support, humor, teasing, laughter, being my best friend, lover, pushing me to reach my potential, and being my enduring soul mate. I am so blessed because of all that you do and are everyday in life.

And as much as you hate to give into my indulgences - thank you for spoiling me rotten today. The flowers, dinner and gifts are just so incredibly generous and I am such an incredibly fortunate woman to have you in my life.


Peggy said...

Happy Birthday! See you Monday!

Carol said...

Oh Dear, I missed it!
A belated Very Happy Birthday to you, Tania.

I'll see you on Monday.

And be sure and check out

Cheryl said...

Happy belated Birthday! It looks like you really had a wonderful one, I'm so happy for you!

sherry said...

Yay for people born in June. First, thank you for wishing me a happy b-day and a here is a belated happy birthday to you!! Looks like you had alot of fun, too!! Mine continues tonight with a disco party!! HEHE

LaurieM said...

I just stopped by to introduce myself. I'm on Team Canada with you for DishRag Tag.

Wow! What a lovely birthday you had. Lucky you! Happy Birthday.