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Friday, June 29, 2007


I am a convert.

My daughter Olyvia has been on facebook since forever...or at least the past two years. She has over 2,800 friends (although I can't imagine how) and is definetely an addict.

I've caught whatever she has and frankly I'm a little frightened by how much I am enjoying it. It's only been a week and I have reconnected with people that I never anticipated I would ever be in touch with again. I haven't seen most of these people since high school and really most of them remember me as the girl who got pregnant and I remember most of them as the people I left behind in that other part of my life.

It's been unsettling how many have reconnected in such a lovely way with warmth, and genuine interest. Most of them are married or getting married and some have started their families. Strange to think they are at the beginning of that time in their lives and I am on the other side with two children who are much closer to heading off to college. Either way it has been lovely to catch up and find out where life has taken them and be able to share where life has taken me...

It's also been very interesting to get a view into other people's (my friends, their friends etc...) lives, groups, interests etc... people share a great deal online...either people are really comfortable in their skin or they are naive. I guess I always remember that this online community is just that - online and accessible to the world. I'm not sure I'm that comfortable or willing to be that transparent online (to the entire world). Id rather save that for something a little more blogging - lol.

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