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Sunday, June 10, 2007

International Knit in Public Day & my first TTC Knit-A-Long....

Is there really a better way to spend the day than with a group of women who love to knit? Me thinks not....well maybe buying some incredible items for my stash....but other than that - not. :)

I was a proud knitter in the North Team - Go North Team GO!!!!

Our first stop was at PassionKnit

Here's us at PassionKnit - Sorry for the bad picture quality - perhaps may swap with someone who got a better one if they don't mind.

This was us at the Yonge & Lawrence Subway on our way to Knit-o-matic after our first store visit to PassionKnit - Thanks Deborah!!!

Next we went to Knit-o-matic - where the Fabulous Haley, cutie bird P???? (I will find his name out - he was so cute) and other fabulous knitter (Need to find her name out too) hosted us.

I was very fortunate as Haley kept me from a near knitting disaster trying to knit the super cute summer top that Peggy (Team Co-Captain extraordinaire) was wearing and encouraged me to knit a also super cute Dale of Norway design with some very yarnilicious Svale - which you can see below. Thank you Haley - I will be back to get help with crocheting the bottom of said top.

In this picture left to right: A____,(Sorry I know I would have spelled you're name wrong)Cassandra and (Team Co-Captain extraordinaire).

Cassandra was my favourite new meet of the day. I all ready felt quite fortunate that I knew most of my travelling companions, but then there was Cassandra. Quiet at first, once Cassandra opned up a bit you could see her just start to roll with the flow of us knitters, smelling yarn, feeling everything and asking lots of questions. Cassandra is a Western University Master's Journalism student who is writing a weekend article assignement on the TTC Knit-A-long, but she is also a relatively new knitter, who I was praying wasn't freaked out by our zaniness. I was thrilled that she finally found some Hotpink Fleece Artist Curlylocks wool at Knit-o-matic, purchased some beautiful clover needles and then started to knit her first triangle shawl. Wonderful knitter Sue helped (as I would always expect) Cassandra learn how to do an increase stitch and off she went. By the end of the day Cassandra had knit a good 5" of her wrap and I would like to think that she had also made a group of new knitting friends. Anytime your back in Toronto on a Monday, please don't hesitate to drop in to the Monday night Meetup group Yarn-a-holics Anonymous- we'de love to see your finished wrap.

Next we went to Lettuce Knit:

The North team en route.

This is a picture (L to R) of Sarah & Christine knitting on the subway. I took spinning with them both at the Knitter's Frollic back in April.

Fabulous (l to r) Co-Captains Peggy + Lisa and Amazing Heather.

(From l to r) Sue, Sarah and Kim.

As we were walking in Kensington Market we came across this:
I realize that after living in Toronto for over 15 years, that I have a lot of still get to know about my city - like how amazing is this community minded art/environmental project? I think its super cool.

Having never been to Lettuce Knit - I just marveled. Not only do they have a really terrific variety of wooly products, the staff are friendly and the best part is that out on the street in front of the store they had set up a ton of folding chairs for people to sit on. Kensington market seems to be a little bit of hippie mixed with the eclectic. It is a community truly embracing the richness of many cultures in Toronto and there were wonderful clothing shops (although I wasn't willing to look to much as that might jeopardize my yarn budget, great food (We ate at the Big Fat Burrito - super delicious) and just a really unique array of shops that one could easily get lost in if one chose to.

Kim in the sun in front of Lettuce Knit.

After some sun (yes I got a small burn) and food and shopping we headed off to the Naked Sheep where North Team mate Sarah works.

(Lto R) Sue, Heather and Lisa.

Once Sarah arrived she joined Erin (see yarn harlot book launch for a pic)in becoming the hostesses with the mostesses. I had also never been to the Naked Sheep and can only say wow! This store is beautifully merchandised and has a great selection of yarn, patterns, buttons and more. I have to admit after the sun soak at Lettuce knit, my energy was lagging so I only ended up purchasing a Rowan Cotton Tape book. I had no clue (as I am clueless on occasion) that Rowan had decided to discontinue its cotton tape line and now will desperately trying to source enough cotton tape to at least complete two patterns - otherwise the book is useless. {Sigh}

Unfortunately my camera died at this point so I wasn't able to capture some shots at the Naked Sheep. I will say, that it was a lot of fun and that it was great to sit still and knit for a bit.

Once all of the teams had arrived, the team prizes began. And to my surprise I won one - the Most Lascivious. I gather I earned this as while working on starting a pair of socks for Kim I stuffed the needles and yarn in my cleavage for transport safety. Who new this made me lascivious. I actually had to look this word up when I got home - only to find out that it meant I was a little lusty. No big surprise there.

Additions to the stash include:

4 - 50 gram balls of Rowan Damask in Zircone. (PassionKnit)

4 - 25 gram balls of Rowan kidsilk haze in Cream, Grace, Jacob and Pebbles(PassionKnit)

4 - hanks of Louet Kidlin Laceweight in Allspice (Lettuce Knit)

8 - 50 gram balls of Svale in 4427 (Cerise type of colour)(Knit-o-matic)

As well as a Dale of Norway pattern book No. 172, Rowan Cotton Tape Collection pattern book, a long awaited bright green Bag and finally a set of beautiful Brittany needles in 4mm. {Sigh - Absolute Joy}

I believe that many Knitters continued onto the Goof to continue drinking, and of course knit, however given that David had been occupying the attention of the little ones all day, and given that I was exhausted it just seemed right to go home. I really enjoyed my first TTC Knit-a-long and felt I had done justice in supporting International Knit in Public Day.

Overall the day was a riot and it reminded me that Knitters are a lot of fun and great to spend time with. We understand each other's yarn obsession, are not offended when someone askes "Can I feel that" are very helpful and kind and have great humour - especially when in large groups.


Peggy said...

Great recap! I must get with the program and start downloading some photos too!! I must find a way where people can download the original size of photos if they wish to...

Peggy said...

P.S. Haley's bird is called Pluto. :)

Peggy said...

I believe you are looking for Cotton TAPE? You can call me superstar, I found it on Ram Wools (Canadian!) and it's on sale.§ion=116&mysearch=rowan¤tpage=2

Otherwise, there's this one from the states.

Good luck!