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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yippee! It's done, it's done!!!!!

OK so I don't think I could be much more excited, I finally finished my knitting guru Meredith holiday gift - yes I know very late, but that's what happens when you have to rip apart 90 rows of the body and re-start - ARG!

However, here are some pics from the fruits of my many many many long days of labour. -

And yes, I know I have some colour pooling, but this is a) my first major knitting project and b) my first felting project and to be honest I am rather proud of myself. :) This handbag was done in Canadiana 100% wool and was a blacksheep design - although I did not do it justice.

The fortunate or unfortunate part was that Meredith the sweetheart that she is also knit me something. Not just anything, but the most beautiful and fabulous chocolate brown and pink mohair swirly scarf - see below being modeled by my super cute dog Java. I have been wearing everyday since as the weather has gotten freezing cold and get complements daily. I am not so sure Meredith will be getting complements on my handbag - but hopefully she know it was made with love and many torturous hours of knitting and re-knitting and re-knitting. :)

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