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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

the true EVILness of first-time socks.....

So I have been searching all over the place for Toronto knitting blogs (to find knitting circles) and came upon a few really fabulous sites and even more interestingly (is that a real word?) web rings to a whole lot of amazing Toronto based knitters. Now to those of us who are much less blog savvy like moi, this was perplexing and peaked my feline like curiosity.

Kind of like me and first attempt at socks - see above for a picture. I figured that since I was able to knit my first nordic mitt (see below)- yes mitt not mitten that I could likely knit a sock or socks.

So I tried my first sock with a ball of Austermann Step wool with jojoba :) as you saw above and got realtively happily along until I hit the portion of the pattern ( a lovlely free Patons basic sock pattern)where you have to shape the heel. I think I have eluded that I am a newish knitter, but to be honest I thought I had come along enough to knit a sock. After seeing the beautiful way the sock should look from the Austermann website I realize I have a long way to go. :( So I have frogged this stupid heel numerous times to try and get it right and finally am now on my way to knitting the proper looking sock. I will continue to update as I hopefully get closer to the finish line and even more hopefully get closer to the ideal sock. Wish me luck!

P.s. Thanks to the Stephanie Pearl-McPhee for a)using the term frog/frogged and making me curious enough to figure it out; b) writing such an easy to read and engaging blog and c)after I sent my first ever blog comment she sent a thank you email. :) Knitters are polite.

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