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Monday, February 5, 2007

Yipee! I set up a new meetup group - Yarn-a-holic's Anonymous in T.O Knitting Group

OK so I am definitely becoming very tech savvy! HA HA HA....

Not really just exploring and getting rather fascinated by how technology can further your interests - like mine to meet other people who like knitting. As I have eluded to in other posts knitters and most people that I have meet who like wool just seem like down to earth and humour filled folks. Almost all have seemed normal except for the occasional wacko who is over the top even for me....which is hard to do.

So I came across the Stitch n'Bitch in T.O meetup group, but they only met on Wednesday's which is probably one of the only nights of the week that truly sucks for me to out as I have a wonderful night with my family and especially my son Taylor who comes for his mid-week visit. It also happens to be a wonderful night to ask the teenage mutants to stay in compared to Shabbat (Friday) when keeping them in usually ends with one of them telling me "You are ruining my life". So this was my long way of saying Wednesday's were out.

So after being inspired by the Stitch n'Bitch in T.O meetup group, and coming to terms that it would be very hard pressed for me to join them ever, I decided to start a new meet up group called "Yarn-a-holic's Anonymous in T.O. Knitting Group.

Hopefully I won't be one of those seriously weird women who create blogs that no-one ever reads (like now) and sets up meeting groups that never gets people out. I guess time will tell. For now I am happy to remain in delusional land and believe int he power of networking to bring together community and will hope for the best. Yes - my glasses are seriously rose coloured and yes my glass is bloody full. At least for now.

I got two new members to join the group which was super exciting - although one of them is my sister-in-law Miriam....but its a start right?????

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Shelley said...

I read your blog... now.

I'm excited about the group too, and it definately helps that Richard enjoys it - this way even if I have baby, I still get to knit too