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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feel good knitty goodness...

Look up...way up (for those of you who are Canadian and of a certain generation you know the Jolly Giant), above is the fabulous Yarn-a-holic Anonymous Monday evening Meet-up gang at Meeting No. 2.

What a wonderful group of ladies, they don't seem to mind my over-enthusiasm and organization tactics (yes, I am referring to the name tags and table-top sign)and even more, last night we had a show & tell event and people seemed to enjoy sharing knitty horror stories and triumphs (mine was my single squirrely mitten - seen below.

Even more interesting to me was the realization of how much I adore the company of other women and how our lives weave together like intricately patterned and colourfully knitted blankets. We all have our stories, common experiences and have the ability to guide those of us at varied stages of life experiences through in an incredibly supportive matter. I feel truly blessed and enriched by this new experience and am looking forward to nurturing it and watching it grow.

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