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Sunday, February 18, 2007

On a bad day...knitting is sanity.

So as usual, the weekend has flown by and another week is coming on full steam ahead. Time is something that when taken for granted flyes by in a blur and leaves us wondering where it has run away too. **Sigh**

Today was an especially awful day, filled with board financial literacy training - cause that just how you want to spend half of your Sunday; cranky mean-spirited children; general family snappiness and finally emotional outbursts resulting in drastic parenting actions - which then leave the remaining uninvolved family members feeling off and slightly down. I do realize that all families have days and weekends like this...but I really didn't need a bad day. Thanks G-d for knitting!!!

I have been busy working on bear, Suzie bunny's cousin, and although its coming slowly...its coming. Thus far the body and legs have been completed, although not stuffed yet. And yes, I have realized upon previewing this post, that I have not matered the art of digital photo taking, unlike many of my blogging expert counterparts.

I am not quite sure why,b ut knitting these little toys bring me a great deal of joy, I can only assume because they are simple to knit, they don't take a lot oftime, and when your finished, you have a wonderful finished product who can't jelp but to make you smile.

This to me is sunshine at the end of a long grey day. :-)


Peggy said...

Nice to meet you last night. I can't wait to see the bear when he's all done.

Tania Little said...

Peggy ~ It was also great to meet you last night and you made my day today by visitng my blog and leaving a comment - hopefully that wasn't due to my complaining. ;-)

As far as bear is concerned, I will be working on her all week and through the weekend (if necessary) to have her done for the next meetup. Then she can be admired for all of her cute bearyness.

Hope you have a great rest of the week and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

:) Tania