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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Knitted toys...bring so much joy for a simple yarn-a-holic like me...

teAfter many many days of ooogling and admiring of Julie's blog - see little cotton rabbit link to left of blog, I finally decided to hunt down a knitted bunny and teddy pattern. Fortunately for me I stumbled upon the amazing Barbara Prime of FuzzyMitten fame on Etsy and came across the most beautiful bunny pattern ever.

So excited was on last Friday that I rushed down to Romni wool early'ish on Saturday to have some one-on-one wool bonding time. I think I would like to sleep n that store one day and just feel and smell all of the yarn and read through patterns. To anyone who is a yarn-a-holic like me it is an irresistible store. I covet everything in it and one day hope to retire near it. HA HA HA. At a minimum weekly visits will be planned.

I was able to purchase a cone of 100% yarn in a beautiful shade of oatmeal and a second large ball that came off a cone that is a wonderful colour of cafe latté - yummy. I figured this way I could test my bunny and see how I liked her. All I had to do was wait for my patterns...

Finally, I was able to sort out my technology newness (with Paypal) and then the wonderful Barbara send over the PDF patterns. It seems like a long time since I was this excited about a project and I couldn't wait to start knitting.

I worked on Bunny about 2 hours on Saturday and another 2 on Sunday and finally stuffed and sewed her up late Sunday evening. Olyvia was so excited to see her almost done that she has demanded that bunny be hers...we'll see about that.

Bunny went on her first outing last night - to the first Yarn-a-holics Anonymous meeting. It was a lovely evening of knitting, baby admiring, hot chocolate sipping joy and bunny got her fare share of admiration. I have started to work on her dress and am hoping to have it done soon as I am quite eager to get knitting her brother bear. Here's a picture of her:

And yes, I know Susie bunny does not have a tail as of yet, but she is coming to the next Monday Yarn-a-holic's Anonymous meeting to get help in creating her pompom tail.

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