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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Teddy bears...and other knitty goodness

Who knew.... what a little ray of sunshine a cute knitted teddy bear could bring. I know I didn't until this beautiful little bear was finished tonight. (see below for before assembly and the final almost done - except for his face.) Thank you Barbara Prime at Fuzzy Mitten.

Today in Toronto, was a sunny beautiful typical Canadian winter day, it was lovely. It was a wonderful day to spend inside warm, balling hanks, fiddling and unwinding yarn that was once in knots, and finishing cute and adorable teddy bears all the while chatting with one's dearest friends.

This lovely bunch of delicious yarn is all of the yummy goodness I will need to make a scalloped Colinette blanket. This blanket kit was purchased late last fall in Belleville at a charming quilt/knittery store that was selling off all of its yarn (Yes, I know very wrong) for a whopping 50% off (Yes, I know amazing. An I was able to purchase enough sock yarn, mohair and hand painted hanks that the owner after a little haggling agreed to sell me this Colinette kit for 50% off too. Yes I scored...but its been sitting in its bag awaiting time to ball all of the hanks, because otherwise it could be hand-winding hell...and I didn't want to hate the Colinette blanket before I started, but know there is no excuse. The next pictures you will see of this yarn will it being knitted into a wonderful blanket.

The day is wrapping up with a blustery, cold finish leaving Toronto covered in a white blanket. I am happy to be crawling into bed for a snugly sleep. Sweet dreams.

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Cheryl said...

That teddy bear is so cute!