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Friday, March 2, 2007

Ick - Canadian Winter. Thank goodness for Yarn. :)

OK, SO while I love being Canadian, I certainly do not love Canadian winters. Ick!! Yesterday, mother nature in her infinite wisdom decided that Toronto needed to be covered and fluffy blanket of snow goodness. Now, while quite pretty, it was a nightmare to try to drive home in from work (like 35 minutes longer than normal) and poor David (my spouse) has three and a half hours of winter driving hell, which left him in not such a lovely and giving disposition. This picture below just doesn't capture the winter bluster quite as much as it should have.

Thank goodness he got home when he did however, as I was starting to think the snowdrifts outside our house might bury us in for good and I would be left to fend for Olyvia, Java and I alone. Thank goodness for the happy yarn stash and fireplace to keep me company. :) Now given that David likes to be anonymous on the Internet I have smudged his face out (don't you love technology), but wanted everyone to see how wintry it truly was last night.

Last night was a night for staying in, and giving some serious contemplation to what my next big project should be, especially since I am in sock avoidance. I have decided to start my lovely Colinette blanket, and it is all ready bringing me such joy, especially since the wonderful scallopy shape has all ready started. What simple, blissful joy.



Really this blanket even in its infancy makes me smile a whole-hearted smile...I can just tell its going to be snugly and warm and be a perfect lap blanket. :) Even just looking at it is helping me cope with what I awoke to this morning.

I realize for you not exposed to a Canadian Winter this may not look too horrible, but that first picture with the family van had 3/4 of an inch of freezing rain on top of it and left my more little car "Chava" stranded in the down-facing driveway and she just couldn't get up which left me to work from home for the day...thank goodness the Internet is working.

Oh yes, I have to say that my other little piece of excitement last night (beyond my decision to start the blanket) was emailing back and forth with Larisa from Headwater Yarns as she is shipping me my first pair of Addi Turbo needles. Yippee!!!

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