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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Newbie Knitter Fun...

Friday night Olyvia and I went to the sneak peek, premiere of The Rocky Horror Picture Show being put on live by Can Stage. Besides being a midnight show - well past my typical Friday night bedtime, it was a blast. Olyvia and I spent our time marveling at everyone is costumes having fun. It was great for the two of us to spend some quality time together and she really seemed to love going on the opening night. Lifelong memories.

Last night David, and I had a quiet night alone as Olyvia was at a girlfriends house for the evening. We had a romantic dinner out and then came home to watch a couple of movies. We only made it through "Stranger than Fiction" - which was a charming and comical story, where I actually enjoyed watching Will Farrell on screen.

I had gone out earlier in the day to Knitomatic to treat myself to a yarn winder. I have been searching online to find one, but just decided I didn't want to wait to buy and have it shipped as I had all of the yarn from the Knitomatic sale a few weeks ago and just badly wanted to wind it. So all during the movie, I balled hanks of yarn - and had a blast. I know sounds kind of sad, but really it was a lot of fun...even with the occasional knot or series of knots.

Here's the finished product:

Yes above you should count 12 balls, plus I also, wound a my hank of cherry tree hill sock yarn (in colorway: Quarry Hill)- which makes 13 balls, as I have been having fantasies about knitting with it. This was actually the first yarn I used my winder on and ended up spending a good 1.5 hours having to undue the million I wasn't used to the over-the-chair method of holding the hank while you wound. Thankfully I had it finished about 10 minutes into the movie, which meant the other 12 went by in a flurry of activity. David was as marvelled as I was at the efficiency of this little plastic machine, although he couldn't understand why the hand painted/dyed hanks didn't come pre-balled and after trying to explain to him "handpainted yarn" let it go and just said because it would be too expensive.

This morning, I couldn't help but start a new pair of socks with it, as it is just so lovely to knit with.

Its' going to be a crazy week of travelling for me, but at least I accomplished something at home this weekend and can take a new and very portable project with me while I'm busy away this week.

On an unrelated note - they have broken ground on the property behind us finally. It was strange to come home after being away for a weekend to find the house imploded and now to have the ground broken. I am anticipating a long-summer of banging, dusk and construction folk while this house gets built. The only good part about it is that new houses continue to help develop the area and increase the value of our home. Many small reasons to smile.

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