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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Mother Nature is S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y confused....or...

has an awesome sense of humour. It snowed this morning. I was shocked as I settled into a volunteer-a-holic-catch-up-a-thon, which largely means dedicating some serious time to my volunteer commitments, I was in awe at how mother nature never seems to surprise me. It sure was pretty that flash snowstorm although I hadn't realized MN's full-mental breakdown until I went outside - damn it got cold.

Thank goodness my day only involves, completing expense reports, identifying faculty for a fab new program, creating lesson work plan's for the same program, creating a board agenda etc...none of that involved going out. That was until my almost sixteen (next Sunday boo-hoo!) asked to get dropped off at a friends house. Recently said teenager has been exhibiting some seriously hormonal behaviour which has me her hormonally challenged mother worrying a great deal more than normal. I have been spending a lot of time since January coming to terms with the fact that she is not a child anymore, that she is growing up, that she needs some space and that I need to step back a little and give her some freedom to move about, make mistakes and generally experience life.

I always thought I would be a cool, laid back mom, but it seems that I have turned into a mother like many generations of mothers before me...overprotective, over concerned, over involved and under needed. Its a sad day for all mothers when they start to come to terms with what they feel is the end of their role as the director in their child's life-play. I now am stuck like many others in that awkward state of 'I don't want to talk to you, I'm fine, nothing's going on' state of being where our daughters turn against us and no longer see us as an ally, a friend, a confidante, someone whose widsom can save them from a great deal of pain. It sucks! But I shall endure.

On a slightly sunnier note, I found two great new blogs today with some really really beautiful knitting on it...the kind of stuff that makes you smile uncontrollably and desperately wish you could jump right through your computer monitor to touch their beautiful knitting. It is honestly that beautiful. The second blog has the most incredible vegetable dyed eggs I've ever seen - just lovely and springy.

My day overall was a quiet one. I am still in Pesach/Passover recovery mode. The last two weeks have been a major blur for me with balancing client travelling with trying to get our home ready for Pesach. I got home Friday, March 30 at 10 pm from a couple of days in sunny and extremely pretty North Bay to land myself in the midst of Passover meltdown as my house was still yet to be finished getting Kashered for Pesach. This is a laborious process which always throws me for a loop and involves removing chametz from your house as well as changing over all of your meat and dairy dishes/cutlery/pots/pans/etc and cleaning every single spot in your home/car etc...that might have chametz in/on/near it. Anyways I got through the Kashering, got down to cooking for about 40 people and preparing myself to be charming and entertain all of those people over two days. When I woke up on the second seder day, this past Tuesday, Mother Nature had started to get in a mood and I knew this because I had a splitting headache. Given that we had 9 people coming for dinner, I had no choice to get up, finish cooking, prep the dinner table and be ready for a fun-filled night. Overall, it was a very nice evening, but by the time I had gone to bed a tornado couldn't have awoken me and Wednesday was another day filled with migraine hell. I am not sure what has gotten MN is a tizzy, but man Thursday was a very long day and I just couldn't look more forward to a second long weekend. And then as mentioned above - snow today.

The good news - is that is was a perfect day to stay inside, to get a lot accomplished. And that I did. Overall not really such a bad day after all. My reward for a very productive day - knitting time tonight. :) I am still working on my cherry tree hill socks and I'm using the Yarn Harlot's never-fail sock pattern int the hopes that I will actually be able to finish a pair fo socks. I will say this - its been slow going on 2.25 dpn' they're small.

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