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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Welcome to the World Teagan Joan...

I am feeling rather nostalgic today...maybe its just mid-life mommy hormones and a serious lack of sleep. ;)

Today my extended family (through my boyfriend) formally welcomed into the world their last of three, but newest little addition to their family - Teagan Joan. Teagan is a bright eyed, four month old who was proudly shown off today by her mom Whitney and dad Michael to their extended family and friends. It was a lovely up-town type of event at the Richmond Hill Country Club, and was very swish all the way around. Teagan looked especially adorable in my favourite colors -pink and brown.

As usual, almost all of the extended family babies get given to me at some point, as I think I radiate "desperate and waiting grandma". I anticipate it will still be many years before that happens to me naturally, especially and hopefully given that my oldest child Olyvia is only turning 16 in a few weeks. I do have a much older step-son through my partner, however I think even he is a few years away. Almost all of the family babies eventually end up cuddled in my arms to let me work my mommy magic on them and help lul them to sleep. Its an absolute joy for me and allows me to have those fleeting moments of "baby-want" fulfilled.

Teagan was born just prior to Hanukkah last December (early in the month for those of you who have no clue when Hanukkah falls)and unfortunately was still too small to come to the annual family Hanukkah party. So, I have been waiting patiently to be formally introduced to her. She is an absolute beauty of a baby, and lit up the room with her coos and smiles. It completely warmed my heart.

Although, we brought along Hanukkah and welcome gifts to Teagan at the Hanukkah party, I just couldn't not come prepared with something today, since this was her coming out party.

I knew I wanted to knit something special and so spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what I could make in relatively short period of time..and pitifully the only thing I could think of was a baby blanket. So much for creativity.

This is while it's still in progress

This was almost at the end.

And ofcourse, I forgot to take a picture of it finished, but I think it turned out beautifully...snuggly and warm...just perfect for Teagan. Hopefully she enjoys it.

On another completely unrelated and yet funny note, both of our family pets have been captured this weekend in particularly cute fashion.

This is Mila in the kitchen climbing the sliding doors as though she wants to go outside for a run in the snow.

And this is beautiful Java, snuggled in my bed on her favorite pillow napping after too much fun on St.Patrick's Day...see she still has her green bow to prove it.

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