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Monday, March 12, 2007


Dear blog...

Yes, I can admit it...I have been avoiding you. It's not that you don't amuse me anymore, its just that you always want me to be creative, original and have clever things to say. You expect me to put out regularly, and I just can't always be in the mood.

This past weekend, I thought of you often, especially while obsessing over the fact that I hadn't written on you for a number of days. I realized that you likely felt neglected, unappreciated and completely taken for granted, especially since you have been a joy to me allowing for a creative outlet and space to share my knitty joy.

Instead, I have to admit, that I have been cheating on you...I was busy Saturday at the fabulous Knitomatic Sale buying a small and ever so reasonable amount of fun, joy-filled yarn.

Almost all of these were 'sale items'.

These two photos are of my first Cherry Tree Hill...unfortunately not on Sale.

What lovely folks I met in line, they kept me utterly distracted from thinking about you at all....however, I did feel mildly guilty later in the day, especially when i realized that I hadn't yet captured all of that woolly goodness to share with you.

I admit it, I am still new at this...learning how to be a good little blogger. It's challenging, perhaps if you gave me more feedback, critique, comments... I would feel compelled to keep you posted with little stories, life events and humour...OK so I am humor challenged, but at least I try. Haven't you heard it better to give than receive...well its a lie, I need you to give a little...maybe then I'll be in the mood to put out.

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Carol said...

Hey, Tania.
Don't avoid us. I didn't find your Blog until today (you put it in your response to me on Meetup). And I've really enjoyed reading your take on things.
And I'm incredibly jealous of your loot from Knitomatic's sale - this #$%^& cold came at a really bad time! (is there ever a good time for a cold?) But I'm better now.
See you on Monday! I'll be showing off my Lace Shawl with the Beads.