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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The winter blah(s) phase...a.k.a. a little winter kvetching...

So it's been a crazy week; I am feeling like my head is spinning from all of the activity and I am trying to just slow down a little and get my bearings. And to top it off I have a nasty case of the winter-blah's - you know that evil sad state we sometimes get in when we are vitamin D deprived and just need to be surrounded with a little sunshine and joy.

Most people would likely say that I am a relatively-high-energy-happy-go-luck kind of soul, but lately I am feeling just blah...and uninspired. I did have a brief moment of joy today as I finished Stephanie's "Yarn Harlot" book only to find that my next book on the list "Knitting Rules" had arrived via post from the on-line bookstore. My brief glimpse of joy was then overshadowed by major projects looming and the need to dedicate myself whole-heartedly to completing them, which potentially will mean a) no reading time and b) most importantly little knitting time.

I am currently in my resenting-everything-but-knitting stage and although M has reassured me that this is normal and so-to-shall-pass, I am just not convinced, and so go through my week counting moments down to be solely dedicated to my yarn and time alone or group knitting. It's funny, I don't mind sacrificing knitting time alone to be with a knitting group, in fact some wacko part of me loves being surrounded by all of that woolly goodness and other folks who seem to appreciate their art as much as I do. So, I am left today counting down moments to group knitting on Friday (if I can find the energy) and Stash shopping and amazing Yarn Sale at Knit-o-matic on Saturday. Not that I need yarn [or so I have been told], but perhaps feeling, smelling, rubbing,. holding and buying some new yarn will be just-the-pick-me-up I need to get re-inspired.

I am off to go and do some knitty reading before's hoping all of you have knitty-good-night dreams too. Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it, so I'm going to do my best to awaken inspired and joyful. Perhaps if I count sheep.....

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