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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A day of sadness and gratitude....

Where does one begin to articulate one's thoughts around a tragedy such as that which occurred at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007. As a mother, step-mother, aunt and cousin to children who attend universities across Canada, I am saddened beyond belief for all of the victims, families, friends, colleagues, and community of Virginia Tech. I send my heartfelt wishes for all of their recovery from such an atrocity and pray for them. I feel grateful that my family and friends were/are safe.

I am angry at the easy accessibility of handguns around the world and this event only strengthens my convictions that gun-laws need to be reinforced for the safety of all humanity. I also feel tremendously sad for the family and friends of Cho Seung-hui,as I am sure that no amount of time or space will allow them to have understanding and peace for the actions of their child.

Watching the events as a shocked spectator, I was so moved by the actions of Liviu Librescu - protecting his students to the end. I was proud to be a Jew in that moment. After surviving atrocities of the Shoah that none of us can truly imagine, Mr. Librescu truly lived a life dedicated to the service of others - his family, friends, students and peers should feel that proud as well.

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