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Saturday, April 28, 2007

No longer a Frolic Virgin...

Waking up at 7a.m. on a Saturday morning is never my version of fun, enjoyable in the slightest or amusing in any way, but I have to tell you that after looking forward to the Downtown Knit Collective's Knitters Frolic for more than a year now, I had a very hard time sleeping last night and was really looking forward to touching, feeling, smelling and being around all things woolly.

As I was a Frolic virgin this year, I had planned my day out with time for classes and time for shopping, time for knitting and finally time for that order.

I have been particularly looking forward to the workshop with Lorriane Smith (editor of Spinner's Quarterly) on spinning.

The class did not disappoint me in the least. Lorraine's method for teaching was relaxed, informative and most importantly enjoyable.

This was my sad and extremely pitiful attempt at two ply made out of chocolate brown Shetland roving from Ontario.

I played around with all of the roving stash that Lorraine provided as part of the class materials and was really surprised at how differently everything spun. I have determined that I do not like to spin cotton - I was just not made with enough patience for that...and highly doubt that any level of meditation will get me there.

I really couldn't wait to get home and play with the fabulous roving I purchased from Black Lamb.

This is me experimenting with the beautiful hand carded mix plus some fabulous alpaca I got at Creativfesitval last weekend from Helga at Green Acres Farms.

After running in Shelley & Richard and then Janet after my spinning class I was feeling energized and ready to shop. After a good twice through, I felt completely overwhelmed and had no clue where to start or what I wanted to buy. In fact, I was too busy focusing on something else that Shelley and Janet had told me......

It seems that the Yarn Harlot was at the Frolic...and me having a small case of the starry eyes for her in an entirely yarny kind of way wanted to get a picture with her. Janet of course found this quite funny and was looking forward to laughing her ass/relentlessly teasing until the end of time. So after a little while she crossed my path (honestly I didn't hunt her down), there she was....

...and yes that's me looking like I am in shock and stunned and Stephanie looking fabulous!!!....***Sigh****

So maybe not my best look, but they can't always be perfect and as mentioned above I was in shock. I have never met Stephanie prior to today nor have I ever heard her speak. She is a very petite woman, with a very earthy voice and personality. She was very gracious to me for allowing to snap this picture - although she was in a rush to meet up with a friend....thank you Stephanie - you made my Frolic! :)

In addition to some spinning supplies I also bought eight of the most beautiful blush coloured baby alpaca/silk blend wool skeins (Blue Sky Alpacas) make a fabulous summer ribbon shell.

I expected my day to end with a workshop on Crocheting with Cachet - but found the workshop way too challenging as the instructor was moving about 10,000 miles per minute. You absolutely needed to be an advanced crocheter to keep up. A bit disappointing - given the $40 workshop fee, but what can you do except know better for next year.

Overall, I think the day was smashing and I really enjoyed my experience there and would absolutely recommend it to any knitters in Ontario - well worth the drive to Toronto.

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koko puff said...

I love the Frolic -- so much better than the Creativ Festival (although I never miss that even though it's not as great as it once was). Sounds like it was a good day for you! (That's a great picture of you and Yarn Harlot.)