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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aurora Borealis - my northern light...

Thanks to my Northern light - Aurora from Ottawa, who I met at the Yarn Harlot Book Launch for sending along some picture of me & the Harlot, and the Yarn crawl....its keeping the book launch very fresh for me...although, I want Stephanie to do another one - just to bring all of us knitty folk back together.

Here's one of the beautiful Aurora:

Me - prior to the Yarn Harlot's appearance.

Me once Stephanie took the stage and I calmed down a little. (Thanks Aurora for sending me the clean shot - as the original had major boobage)

Can I just tell you, that man does the camera ever add 10 - 20 lbs...ha ha ha. No more Rye and ginger's for me.

This pic is from the yarn Crawl at Alterknits. {Sigh} Looks like I missed a super fun day. The good news is that the TTC Knit-A-Long is happening in T-10 days. :)

If you haven't read through all of Stephanie's comments yet, someone (I'll have to read through to find you again) posed a link to Doug Savage's website for today. Now I can can admit that I have a limited and still developing sense of humour, but I continue to laugh at this the point of tears and peeing and have printed it off to post at my desk to just make me smile. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! So needed that today...


noricum said...

I posted about Friday now... both at my own blog (a boring post) and at Swatchy's blog. :)

Annalea said...

Thanks, Tania, for your note at Knitting Culture. I really appreciate your contribution!

Take care . . .