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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Here's my list of PYHBLR (Post-Yarn-Harlot-Book-Launch-Resolutions):

a) get back to knitting daily...even if its just a row

b) learn more about everyone around me can always tell me what brand/weight/colorway/gauge etc they are using...and after a year and a half I probably can't call myself a Knitting newbie anymore

c) be better prepared for spontaneous yarn shopping experiences... you just never know when a good yarn sale can fall in your lap, and you really should have a few pattern names/yarn weights/yardages handy just encase...perfect example will be the TTC Knit-a-long

d) identify what yarn I have in my stash - there's nothing like buying more yarn only to realize that you have nowhere to put it

e) finish outstanding projects - otherwise they will never get knit and I can buy more yarn to replace them

f) donate yarn from my stash - that I will never use (mostly because I bought it in the beginning of knitting life when I had no clue what the 'good stuff' was and thought that fun fur was 'cute')

g) be more forgiving to myself - 'startitis' is a disease, thank G-d its treatable - go back to point (e). The more you finish, the more you can start

h) Blogging is good - for the first time, people actually commented (did I mention I am excited and shocked by this), perhaps there is something to the whole effort in = output theory...either that or it was a momentary blip in my blogging world...(I will convince myself that its the first rather than the second point)

i) have more fun with knitters (I nervously put my hand up again at Stephanie's speech when she asked who in the room had more friends now because of knitting. Because of my Monday night meetup group I have met so many new faces and so many terrific new friends. Knitters are such high quality individuals - quirky, fun-loving, outgoing and incredible artisans. I feel really fortunate to have gotten involved with such a dynamic community and look forward to many more years of growth and friendship.

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